At Be Well IHS, we view “health” and “wellness” as synonymous terms. To truly be healthy a multitude of mental, physical, spiritual, social, and lifestyle factors must be considered and supported. By bringing together a group of licensed healthcare practitioners, each with their own scope of practice and expertise to work and function as a team, we provide a level of health and wellness care that is unprecedented. It is complete, holistic, research and evidence-based, and all-encompassing of an individual’s health and wellness wants and needs.

Marisa Sweeney MS RDN RYT
Owner of Be Well IHS
Registered Dietitian, Certified Yoga Teacher
Owner of The Vegan Local
President-Elect of the NJ Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Our Mission

Be Well HIS’s mission is to provide science-based and empirically-supported holistic health and wellness services that lead individuals to an optimal state of health and happiness. These services can be integrated into clinical patient care, corporate cultures and community environments. They are customized to support preventative wellness efforts, acute healthcare needs, and the varying unique health and wellness goals of the individuals we serve.

Integrative Medical Care

Our services are offered to patients both virtually and in-person at any one of our twelve practice locations throughout the tristate area. Be Well IHS’s main location is in the heart of downtown Morristown, New Jersey. In addition to our center locations, our practitioners are also integrated into the medical teams of world-renown clinical practices. We provide both virtual and in-person health and wellness services right on premises of these practices as part of patient care plans.

Preventive Wellness

Be Well Integrative Health Services (Be Well IHS), founded in 2012, is a group of licensed healthcare practitioners from various clinical disciplines that work together as a collaborative team to provide a complete and holistic approach to patient care. We provide a full menu of empirically-supported health and wellness services, and develop customized integrative plans to accommodate individual health and wellness goals. Our team consists of registered dietitian nutritionists, psychologists and licensed clinical social workers, acupuncturists, registered nurses, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, and certified registered yoga teachers.

Corporate Wellness

In addition to our wellness services, clinical work and medical integration offerings, our team specializes in creating customized corporate wellness plans. Each uniquely developed corporate wellness plan includes our practitioners providing health and wellness services on the premises of the corporations, at our center locations, and/or virtually. The process of creating these customized corporate wellness plans involves meeting with representatives from a corporation to discuss needs and goals, surveying employees to assess where wants and interests lie, and then utilizing this information to structure a unique goal-oriented program that promotes maximum participation, engagement and desired outcomes.

Community Service

Be Well IHS is also very engaged in volunteer work within the communities of our practice locations and medical groups/companies we partner with. We organize and host free and/or donation-based health and wellness events and programs. Some of these include nutrition and cooking classes, biometric screening days, health fairs and fitness events, and non-profit fundraisers. We have also created community nutrition programs for SNAP eligible individuals in collaboration with medical partners, and have founded the Morristown’s Mayors’ Wellness Campaign.

Be Well is a health and wellness center located in Morristown, New Jersey.

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