About Us

I have had a nutrition counseling practice as a registered dietitian/nutritionist since 2009, and in my experience, learned quickly how complex it is to be well. Quite often I have seen patients looking to create a positive lifestyle change, and it becomes clear in a short period of time that their energy and efforts should be focused on more than just dietary changes. Wellness is multifaceted. The whole being must be addressed.

So in 2011, my nutrition practice evolved into Be Well.

Be Well. is a coming together of licensed health professionals from various disciplines to provide a complete and whole approach to health and wellness. Our practitioners collaborate as a team to offer a full menu of integrative health and wellness services that are customized to accommodate every individual. Our team includes dietitians, doctor of psychology, social worker, doctor of functional medicine, acupuncturist, reiki practitioner, massage therapist and health advocate, and a full studio of yoga teachers.

Marisa Sweeney, owner of Be Well.
Marisa Sweeney, owner of Be Well.

It is very important to me that every individual that walks through our doors has a positive experience and leaves in a better state of health and happiness than they were before. It has been an absolute honor to be part of the Morristown community, and a part of so many peoples’ journeys to improve their lives.

All are welcome here. Thank you for allowing us to help you be well.

Marisa Sweeney RDN
Owner of Be Well IHS (bewellmorristown.com)
Registered Dietitian, Certified Yoga Teacher
Owner of the New Jersey VegFest (sprouteverywhereevents.com)
President-Elect of the NJ Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics