Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy


Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy is a powerful modality for people who feel stuck despite “doing all the things” for their mental health.

Our unique integrative counseling approach identifies limiting beliefs and patterns, so you can break through programming of the past and unlock your true potential.

Our Integrative approach focuses on mind, body, and spirit because we know that, when it comes to true wellness, these are all intertwined. We focus on the autonomic nervous system and understanding adaptive responses; the behaviors that arise in the act of our survival.

We explore and identify trapped emotions in the body and unlock their release through supportive, open conversation and Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT™)—helping clients to heal relationships with themselves and loved ones and overcome past experiences.

Are you ready to see yourself in a New Light?


Kaitlyn Schobert
Licensed Professional Counselor
Phone: 862.217.6354

Kaitlyn is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) specializing in Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT).

Kaitlyn received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and received her M.A. in Family & Marriage Therapy from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

For many years Kaitlyn worked at a leading health system in the midwest providing grief support to hospice patients and families. Kaitlyn’s hospice experience was transformative and it was during this time where she began to focus on the mind, body, spirit connection. 

Kaitlyn practices QNRT while also maintaining a private practice serving people experiencing various stresses.

To learn more about QNRT or schedule an appointment, visit Kaitlyn’s website at: www.yournewlight.co

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