Corporate Wellness

Corporate and Group Wellness Programs, That Work.

Our team of health professionals at Be Well builds customized, high-impact wellness programs for large corporations, small businesses, professional firms and nonprofits, school and private club sports organizations, and groups of every size and type. You will see the results of the wellness program we create for you in every participant’s health stats and in their productivity and performance.

Each wellness program is developed to be cost-effective with high ROI and made to fit your budget and the needs of every individual. Programs can range from single events and seminars to structured year-long health and wellness initiatives that encourage long-term engagement and support participants in achieving personal health and fitness goals.

Based on more than 120 research studies, the National Business Group on Health reported that within five years of implementation, most corporate wellness programs have an overall ROI of:
$3.48 in reduced health care costs per dollar invested in wellness programs
$5.82 in lower absenteeism per dollar invested

Wellness Program Services

All Services Can Be Provided at Your Location or at Our Center


Our certified Yoga Instructors tailor their classes to maximize the physical and mental benefits gained from practicing yoga and to meet the wants of your employees. We offer private sessions, classes and workshops that could be a single event for your staff or part of an ongoing series.

Nutrition Counseling

Our Registered Dietitians are licensed and certified to provide the best and most sound nutrition counseling and education classes possible. We offer private nutrition counseling, seminars, screenings, lunch-and-learns, weight loss competitions, biometric challenges, etc. Most services provided by our Registered Dietitians are covered by medical insurance.

Physical Training

Our Personal Trainer is certified to create a customized exercise program for your group, designed to help each individual reach his/her fitness goals. When exercising, safety is the number one priority. All special considerations will be taken into account (e.g. existing medical conditions, pregnancy, post-rehabilitation, medications taken, etc) when creating a program exclusively for your group.

Mental Health Counseling

Our mental health team is made up of psychologists and social workers that offer a variety of services. They focus on the behavior of employees in the workplace. They apply psychological principles and research methods to improve the overall work environment, including performance, communication, professional satisfaction and safety.

Health Screening Event

Our medical team will come into your workplace and offer biometric tests, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index, body fat %, etc, that serve as a foundation for customized workplace wellness programing. The data is compiled into reports for the company and trends are assessed to identify areas of program concentration.

Massage Therapy

Our license massage therapist can come to your location and offer “massage days” for any employee that wishes to participate. Massage has been shown to improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in general wellness.