Massage and Health Advocacy

Melanie Croce-Galis, MPH, RN, LMT
Massage Therapist & Health Advocate
Phone: 201-707-5254

A calm, rested body puts us in the best place for healing, recovery, and growth.

I. Massage: Where Science and Spirit Meet
Massage is a formidable instrument in awakening our body’s inherent power for healing and healthy growth. Massage activates our parasympathetic nervous system responsible for rest, calm, and recovery. Massage can put your body in that state of rest that is necessary healing and healthy growth.

Melanie Croce-Galis is a nurse and licensed massage therapist and holds a master’s degree in Public Health Education. She specializes in therapeutic and medical massage with particular interests in:
• Prenatal, Labor Support and Postpartum Massage
• Oncology Massage

She will skillfully and professionally customize a therapeutic massage session to address your specific health and wellness needs, no matter what ails you.

II. Personal Health Advocacy: You Don’t Have to Manage Alone

A Personal Health Advocate can review and manage your health concerns so you can rest your mind. There is an overload of “health” information out there. Not all of it is valid. It is difficult to sort through the endless noise to obtain legitimate scientifically-based sources. It’s even more difficult to understand the complexities of the human body and figure out how valid evolving medical science applies to each individual’s need. Melanie Croce-Galis can help you sort out what is evidence, what’s scientifically promising and what’s just wishful thinking or marketing schemes.

She will answer your questions, carry out customized research for you, help you achieve your health goals and will look at your health holistically so you will feel confident in your healthcare decisions. Your mind will be at ease with the knowledge that you are fully supported. She will help you keep your compass pointed towards calm, rest, healing, recovery and growth.

Melanie Croce-Galis does not diagnose illness, prescribe or treat. She is an educator and a health communication specialist. Her services will enable you to have more productive interactions with your healthcare provider and do not in any way replace them.

Melanie Croce-Galis, MPH, RN, LMT
Melanie is a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Massage Therapist with a Master’s degree in Public Health Education who centers herself at the intersection of science and spirituality. She looks at the evidence. And also acknowledges that there are still unknowns in our world. Melanie has authored numerous peer-reviewed and other publications and teaches classes on medical terminology and health and human diseases as an adjunct faculty member in the Public Health department at Montclair State University.

After a rewarding career promoting women’s rights in sexual and reproductive health policy worldwide, teaching university students about health and disease, and experiencing a personal bout with cancer, she has concentrated on health and wellbeing. Melanie provides therapeutic massage with a whole health perspective and can help you navigate the difficult waters of health, wellbeing and the medical industry. She’s also a mom with experience managing special educational and medical needs and knows how hard it is for moms to take care of themselves too!

• Therapeutic Massage and Training Center
• MotherMassage® Certification – Elaine Stillerman
• Oncology Massage Training – Cheryl Chapman
• Reiki Level II Certified
• Master of Public Health, New York University
• Bachelor of Science, Nursing, New York University
• Women’s Health, University of Cape Town, South Africa
• Bachelor of Arts, History, Tufts University

• Licensed Massage Therapist, NJ State licensure granted March 2018
• Registered Professional Nurse, New York State licensure granted May 2001, New Jersey State licensure granted April 2009
• Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society, Upsilon Chapter – Member
• Executive Board Member: Induction Chair, 2002-2004
• University Honors Scholar, Founder’s Day Award Recipient, New York University
• Hillman Scholar, Nursing, New York University
• Healthcare Provider certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) for CPR & AED by the American Heart Association