How does the SleepWell-BeWell Program work?

Along with nutrition and exercise, sleep is essential for optimal health. Unfortunately, just as our diet and activity levels have declined in modern society, so too has our sleep. Humans are the only species that are self-deprived of sleep.

Inadequate sleep is increasingly common - in fact, most working adults are sleep deprived and more than half regularly experience problems impairing their sleep quality. Even the most health conscious individuals don’t think twice about cheating on sleep, fighting through fatigue and ignoring warning signs of sleep deprivation. Yet countless studies show that poor sleep diminishes our  health, well-being and quality of life. It’s no wonder that caffeine has become the most popular drug in the world.

SleepWell-BeWell targets specific lifestyle problems and provides simple and effective solutions to obtain the sleep your body needs. Our approach is uniquely designed and proven to:

  • increase neuro-cognitive function, metabolism and physical performance
  • prevent and improve chronic medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease
  • provide workplace benefits, including reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity
  • enhance quality of life

The SleepWell-BeWell program is provided directly by a personal sleep coach - a sleep medicine physician with more than 25 years of clinical experience. This non-medical program utilizes a natural, integrative approach to maximize health and wellness and is evidence-based, sustainable and personalized.

SleepWell-BeWell is the only program of its kind in the NY/NJ area and is available to individuals, groups, athletic teams,  corporations and organizations. It can also be customized for specific populations, i.e., adolescents, teenagers, college students, women and seniors.

Please note that the SleepWell-BeWell program is non-medical and is not meant to diagnose or treat any underlying medical condition or sleep disorder. If there is concern that a prospective participant may have an underlying sleep disorder, s/he will be referred to their medical practitioner for further management.

Who can benefit from SleepWell-BeWell?

Anyone who is:

  • Having difficulty achieving restful sleep
  • Suffering from daytime sleepiness or fatigue
  • Unable to lose weight despite diet and exercise
  • Lacking the energy to exercise
  • Having trouble focusing at work
  • Wanting that extra edge for athletic performance
  • Battling hypertension, diabetes, obesity or other chronic health problems

What to expect from the SleepWell-BeWell Program

An in depth, comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality, intrinsic sleep/wake patterns and major circadian rhythms, including wakefulness, productivity, energy and appetite.

A detailed, customized, strategic plan that will optimize your metabolism, mood, energy, physical and work performance and overall wellness.

Close, personalized follow up to ensure that you are making steady and sustained progress in all aspects of the program.

Matt Epstein oversees the Sleepwell-Bewell program at BeWell as a personal sleep coach