Our Yoga Team

Amanda Sherman

Amanda started practicing yoga 20+ years ago as a way to balance out all of the other ways she moved. As a dancer, gymnast, marathoner, and group fitness addict, yoga helped to balance out all that intensity.

"Yoga started as just another way to move my body, but soon became a way to "move" my mind and emotions when I felt stuck or was struggling. It made me learn to love and appreciate my body vs. feeling like I had to shape my body into something else. I couldn’t learn enough about the poses or the philosophy... And, that ultimately made me want to teach so I could share this magic with the world."

She studied at Yoga Mechanics and received her 500 hr RYT, but has done over 800 hours of training since 2013. She is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Spinning®️ Instructor, and soon to be Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Her classes are accessible to all levels, including beginners, but are also challenging and playful. They focus on actions and alignment that build strength and stability, increase range of motion, and progress sequentially throughout the class and over time.

Off the mat, she loves spending time outdoors, traveling with family and friends, adoring her 2 puppies, and being a forever student of movement and life.


Chana began her exploration with yoga in 2007. In a short time, yoga became a tune-up for her body and a tool for mindfulness. Her amazing experience and love for yoga has led Chana to becoming a teacher, enabling her to share and inspire others.

"My style of teaching emphasizes on breathing, alignment and creative flows. My goal is to leave students feeling balanced, strong and educated when they leave my class. I truly believe yoga can benefit anyone... all you have to do is be open to try."

Chana completed her teacher training at Younique Yoga in Cedar Grove, NJ in 2012 and has been teaching ever since. Throughout her teaching career, she has taught beginners, seniors, athletes, prenatal and children.

John Levis
E-YRT 500

John is a Certified Anusara® Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 500 and has been teaching yoga since 2003. He grew up playing ice-hockey and in college found an interest in weight training. Looking for something more, he discovered yoga in the year 2000. A perfect complement to any workout, John found yoga to be fulfilling & forgiving, extremely powerful and therapeutic. Uniting the mind with the breath and body, yoga proved to reveal and cultivate that ‘something more’. He no longer suffers from chronic back pain and has actually grown over one inch since the age of 30 and feels more 'capable' in his body. Combining inspiration with humor, he gets a kick out of watching students discover what they are capable of as they realize the results of their intention, learning the therapeutic and empowering value of the practice. John offers local and international yoga retreats, workshops, Thai Yoga Bodywork and teaches privately and publicly throughout northern NJ. He is also a Certified Sommelier and combines yoga, hiking and wine tasting re”treats”! John is an avid hiker, backpacker, mountain biker, kayaker, swimmer and all around outdoor enthusiast who loves to play in the woods.

Alison Bernasco

Alison considers her education ongoing and her practice and teaching are constantly evolving in style and content. She is currently in her final year pursuing a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. From her varied interests and pursuits, Alison weaves influence from all corners of her experience together to create an intricate web of ideas and to provide her students with flowing, comprehensive classes and sequencing. Alison offers a challenging but accessible, sweet and sweaty practice to all levels.
She is a Certified E-RYT 500HR

Alison offers a challenging but accessible, sweet and sweaty practice to all levels. In general she teaches an open-level vinyasa practice which is heart-oriented, spiritually inspiring, and yet grounded in a deep knowledge of optimal body awareness and alignment. She can be known to teach sweeter-than-honey restorative and therapeutic classes as well. She also caters to more individual needs via workshops, private and semi-private sessions, corporate yoga, and more.

Lauren Deodino

Lauren has been practicing yoga since 2011.

Lauren's mother suggested they try a hot Vinyasa class together and she was hooked.

She enjoys the challenge yoga brings to her body, mind, and soul.