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Patient Care Integration

Our team of health and wellness experts not only work together to bring our patients to an optimal state of health and happiness within the walls of our centers, but we also integrate right into medical teams and patient care of other practices at their locations. Learn more below.

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Expand access to care in your practice

Millennials — those born from 1981 to 1996 — are the largest living generation today and are the incoming generation starting to more frequently see their doctors.

“In a recent study, 53% millennials reported to value health and wellness the most, significantly more than friends at 39%, spirituality at 31% and career at 27%. Wellness is a daily, active pursuit for millennials. They are eating healthier and exercising more than previous generations. They smoke less, and almost half consider healthy eating a lifestyle choice as opposed to a goal-driven diet.”

– Sanford Health

In 2023, “health” and “wellness” are synonymous terms. Patients are seeking out sound, research- and evidence-based, complementary wellness services from trusted practitioners that integrates into their medical care. Our team at Be Well IHS provides just this. We partner with many medical practices and large world-renowned medical institutions to provide each with a unique brand of integrative wellness care to meet the demand of these patients and the evolving healthcare world.

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