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The human body has an amazing capacity for healing, yet our modern lifestyle often makes it difficult for many people to tap that potential.

Acupuncture is an ancient practice rooted in the ancestral science of Chinese medicine, helps promote that natural healing potential. By balancing the body, mind and spirit and restoring overall energy balance, acupuncture can help people embrace optimal wellness without medication or invasive medical procedures.

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Fertility Acupuncture

Carolyn Raiman, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist with over 13 years experience. Acupuncture can assist women who want to become pregnant by regulating hormones, enhancing blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, reducing stress and anxiety, while promoting relaxation.

Prenatal Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a wonderfully safe & natural way to effectively treat many common complaints of pregnancy including nausea, back pain, heartburn, swollen hands and feets. Also many mothers-to-be experience some anxiety about their pregnancy. Acupuncture is a fantastic way to maintain good health during pregnancy, prevent complications, reduce stress, support the well-being of mother and baby, and prepare for a smooth and efficient labor & delivery.

Postpartum Acupuncture

Postpartum is intense, where you’ll experience physical and emotional challenges. Acupuncture helps you overcome these problems. Acupuncture can help speed the recovery process, increase milk supply, reduce soreness, fatigue and pain, enable relaxation and get your menstrual cycles back on track.

Sports and Recovery

One of the primary benefits of acupuncture for athletes is that it can potentially reduce muscle soreness and pain. Studies also suggest that acupuncture can reduce inflammation which can be useful for athletes recovering from injury or just recovering from a hard workout. Overall acupuncture boosts circulation which is necessary at all phases of training and in recovery. As the Team Acupuncturist for the NY Jets, Carolyn understands how to help.

Carolyn is an out-of-network service provider. If you have questions about your coverage and patient responsibility, please call your insurance company.

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Meet The Team

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Carolyn Raiman LAc
Licensed Acupuncturist

Carolyn Raiman, LAc

Carolyn Raiman, LAc is an acupuncturist who has been in practice for over 19 years. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and completed her Diplomate in Acupuncture at the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Carolyn is NCCAOM certified in acupuncture and is also licensed in the state of NJ. She has completed advanced training in women’s reproductive health and pain management.

Carolyn has extensive training and hands-on experience in dealing with all aspects of women’s health–specifically infertility, pregnancy and gynecological issues. Currently, Carolyn is the Director of Acupuncture Services at IVIRMA NJ in Basking Ridge where she helps couples restore balance while undergoing various reproductive therapies. She also is the Team Acupuncturist for the NY Jets, and sees patients in her own private practice at Be Well Integrative Health Services.

Carolyn has also received extensive training on using acupuncture for pain management and employs the Dr. Tan Balance Method. As a former high school athlete and current weekend warrior, Carolyn is well-versed on treating sports injury and post-surgical rehab. Carolyn has also had success treating patients for digestive disorder, headaches and migraines, and emotional disorders.

Carolyn is married with two young children. She uses her knowledge of Chinese medicine to promote health and wellness for her own family, and she would be honored to help you and your family.

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Acupuncture at Be Well Integrative Health Services

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